Claw Clipping

Burl grabbed his cat around the body. It tried, briefly, to escape, but Burl was experienced, and had a good hold.

The cat was looking unhappy about this change to its plans, but it knew better than to argue much. Though it occasionally escaped from Burl’s clutches, usually it was content to sit for a few minutes and receive his warmth before standing, stretching, and sauntering away.

Now, though, the cat noticed Burl’s intentions. The claw clippers. Burl held them in his left hand while holding the cat in his right arm. He lifted one of the paws and squeezed, making the claws protract.

The cat squirmed, and tried to lift its other paw to take a swipe at him. When that didn’t work, the cat extended the claws on its back legs, digging them into Burl’s leg. He ignored this, and proceeded to trim the cat’s claws.

When finished with one paw, he took the other and did the same. He then expertly turned the cat around, and got the back legs.

With the claw-trimming complete, Burl released the cat to go about its day. The cat scurried off, stopping at the door to turn and glare at Burl for a moment. Burl smiled. The cat hissed, then disappeared around the corner.


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