One Foot

Zana eyed the ruler. It didn’t seem like it should be off, but she was sure it was.

Holding it to her foot again, it showed only 20 centimetres. Not a full foot, she thought. A foot is 30 centimetres, or the length of this ruler. But my foot isn’t a foot, so either my foot is wrong – which it’s a foot, so clearly it isn’t – or the ruler is.

She checked the stamp on the ruler. Made in America. Most definitely the ruler then, she thought.

Taking the ruler to her kitchen she put it on the counter and shouted, “Mom!”

“Yes?” came her mother’s voice a moment later. She was upstairs, it seemed.

“Mom, the ruler’s wrong. Not a foot long.”

A moment later, the voice came again. “Okay, I’ll take back  tomorrow.”

“Thank you!” Zana said. She grabbed their homemade ruler and put it in her knapsack, ready for school the next day.


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