From the Deeps

Dorian stared at the ground.

There was a hole, about five inches across. Inside, he could see only darkness.

Dorian had been staring at the hold in the ground for the past hour. In so doing, he had reflected on his life, had looked deep into the void and pondered its mysteries, had come to conclusions about the nature of the universe. Dorian knew there was nothing truly worth doing, now. That life was as it was, that it would continue whether he did or not.

After struggling through the nihilism, Dorian then came to understand the necessity of all people. The good and bad they brought to each other, the universes they created in each other’s lives, and the value and meaning they brought. As the world shrank to his small social circle, Dorian smiled. No longer was he an irrelevant speck. He was now a relevant giant of an irrelevant speck.

Still the hole held him, and he thought more on the world and his place within it. He didn’t know if it would be the same tomorrow, or today, or yesterday. He didn’t know if it was worth wondering if it would be the same. Despite three degrees, he didn’t know much at all. And this was okay.

Dorian found peace looking in the hole, and finally, a little head popped out. The creature seemed afraid, and ran back in. It would be six more weeks of winter, but Dorian knew it would all work out.


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