Freedom Day

It was Freedom Day, and Karina didn’t feel particularly free.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t free, per se. She lived, after all, in the epicentre of freedom. People were so free. Free to buy, free to sell, free to open businesses, free to make so much money they could do ridiculous things with their wealth.

But somehow, that freedom didn’t trickle down to her.

She looked at her bank account, with its couple of hundred dollars remaining. She considered going to see a movie, but realized that wouldn’t likely be possible. At least, not if she wanted to afford her rent. Or eat. Depending on what she earned next week, and two weeks after that.

Karina wondered how she could become freer. Or in any way free. Or even just a little free. As she did, her work called, asking her to come in that evening, and though she hadn’t had a full day off in the past month, she agreed.

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