At The Movies

Raleigh walked backwards into the movie theatre, then turned around.

“One ticket, please, for the latest extravaganza.”

“Umm,” said the theatre clerk. “So, like, the superhero one?”

“Yeah, sure, that sounds good,” said Raleigh.

“Great, that’ll be eighteen dollars.”


“Plus four dollar fuel surcharge and tax, so twenty-three eighty please.”

“Cripes. Here you – wait, fuel surcharge?”

“Delivery of the film to us.”

“Of course. Fine, here. Visa.”

“Oh, credit includes an extra five percent charge.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

The ticket jockey swiped the card, then handed back to Raleigh. “Here you go, and here are your tickets,” he said.

“Thanks,” Raleigh said. He spun around, and continued walking backwards into the theatre. The kid at the box office just watched, and wondered.


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