Quiet Resistance

Etsuko hated puzzles, which made her life in the Old Folks’ Home inordinately difficult.

There were dozens and dozens of puzzles in the Events Room. It was about all that really went on in the Events Room, other than the monthly meetings called by the staff to “promote mental health”, or tell everyone not to complain because they didn’t have enough events in the Events Room other than Daily Puzzle Hour and the Monthly Meeting.

So Etsuko rebelled against the staff, and all the boring nonsense, by not doing any of the puzzles. Instead, during Daily Puzzle Hour, Etsuko just sat and stared. When asked, she told everyone she was working on the puzzle of human existence.

Finally, when her children came in for their Yearly Visit, Etsuko said she needed at least a book or something to pass the time. The children asked about the Old Folks’ Home’s library, which Etsuko had long since read through (several times). She begged for something, but as the children left, the staff informed them not to bring any outside contagions in. The Yearly Visit was risk enough. No books.

So Etsuko continued her rebellion, unseen by most, quietly resistant.


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