Bad Handwriting

“What the hell, Tony?” Krystal said.

“What do you mean?” Tony replied.

“I mean, what does this say?” Krystal pointed to the scrawl on the notepad. “It either says ‘Eat Milk’ or ‘Turmeric’. I can’t read it.”

“It says turmeric,” Tony said. “I thought it was pretty clear. You even guessed it yourself.”

“Yeah, but it’s so hard to read.”

“Dude, that’s why you ask, or you just write it yourself. I told you I was making a list. You said it would be hard to read, so I said you should write it. But you were all, ‘No no, you write it, it’s fine.’ Now you’re haranguing me for writing it!”

“Yeah, well, write it better next time!”

“You write it!”

“Ugh, you’re so like this!”

“So are you!”

The two stood staring at each other, angry. If this were a movie, they would suddenly start making out, but in real life, the two were just angry, so they stormed away from each other, annoyed.


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