Hug Day

Royce approached Freddy, who was hunched over his computer.

“Hey Freddy, stand up for a second?”

Freddy looked up, sighed, and stood. Royce threw his arms out and gave Freddy a hug.

“Carry on,” Royce said.

Freddy sat down again while Royce walked over to Kelsey.

“Kelsey, could you stand up for a moment?” Royce said. He waited while she stood, then threw his arms around her. “Thanks, carry on,” he said, leaving her.

Royce walked over to Kamala, who was already standing.

“Hug day!” Kamala said, throwing her arms around Royce as he put his arms around her. They squeezed each other, then broke apart. “I love hug day!” Kamala said with a smile.

“Me too!” Royce said. “See you next time!”

“Til then!” Kamala said.

Royce walked off toward the next cubicle to continue his duties.


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