Cheese Plate

Josephine stood over the table, considering.

There was a great smorgasbord laid out in front of her. Meats, canapes, hummus, crackers, pizza, mussels, oysters, a grand array of delights.

She ignored them all.

Instead, she picked over the cheese plate. A bit of gouda, some brie, some edam, a few pieces of swiss, cheddar, mozzarella, blue, camembert, everything she could ever want.

Josephine piled her plate high with different cheeses, greatly depleting the cheese plate on the table. She would have been farther ahead to have replaced the plate on the table with her own, but that would have been rather gauche of her.

Josephine walked away from the buffet table, taking her plate to the corner to eat alone amongst all the people chatting and networking. Piece by piece, she consumed the mound of cheese, savouring every bite.

As she finished, she looked up to see a waiter replacing the cheese plate on the table with a new one. Josephine smiled, and started to make her way back over.


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