Weather Reporting

When Tyisha invented a new way to predict the weather, no one believed her, in part due to the fact that Tyisha was only eight years old.

Using only found electronic parts left around the slum she and her family were forced to live in (due to the other part of why no one believed Tyisha’s invention), she was able to cobble together a new device that, using current local, provincial, and national conditions, along with the output of vehicles, the strength of solar conditions, and various other ephemera, Tyisha created a machine that let her know what the weather would be over the coming two months, and was 99% accurate (or would have been, if she had actually tested the accuracy).

Tyisha took her invention to the local TV weather reporter, who patted her on the head and sent her on her way before turning to an aid asking where the fucking coffee was and what this shitty little brat was doing allowed in the station.

Tyisha took her invention to the nearby National Research Council, where the scientist scoffed, saying it would never work but that she had shown great creativity, and would she like to take part in their Science For Schoolkids Outreach Program?

Tyisha politely declined, and went home. With nothing else to do, she started her own website, including both text and video reports, delivered by her. Though she had to deal with a number of trolls – both of the DDoS style and the, “Damn girl, send nudes” variety – her site grew in popularity, due primarily to her accuracy.

It was only when her Youtube channel overtook the local TV station’s, though, that the weather person reached out, inviting Tyisha in to learn how to properly report the weather. Tyisha declined.


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