Dress Your Pet

Warren picked up his cat, and began to dress her.

Little Annie didn’t like being dressed, but Warren was stronger and more patient. He held her under his armpit, and used one hand to hold a paw out while using the other to slide the shirt over it. He did the other paw next. Little Annie tried to fight, but her claws were recently cut back and filed, so she had little to fight with.

Once the shirt was on, Warren turned Little Annie around and started on the pants. They were more difficult, especially with the tail hole, but in a few minutes he had her dressed in a shirt and pants, with only one thing left.

Warren grabbed the cape, and as Little Annie mewled and tried to fight, he clipped it on to the edged of her shirt.

Finally, Warren released the cat, and she took off, away from her crazy person. Still, Little Annie had these clothes on, and she needed to get them off. But that would be for later, when she was safe. For now, she needed solace.

Warren smiled at how adorable Little Annie looked.

2 thoughts on “Dress Your Pet

  1. I actually tried putting this little Santa outfit on my cat last night and nearly lost my finger. 😂 The cuteness was worth it though. Lol. Thanks for sharing 👍

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