Peculiar People

The Peculiar People’s Society met once a year, in a bowling alley in Northwest Saskatchewan. They did not bowl, but rather sat in the lane they rented to discuss the various subject peculiar to their predicament.

The society started small, but over time people caught wind and, finding themselves meeting the description for entrance (being a person, and being peculiar), applied and were given status.

Soon, the Peculiar People Society was hundreds of thousands of members, and they had to rent the whole bowling hall for the convention. There were vendors and snacks, keynotes and parties. Everyone had a wonderful time, knowing they were among their own kind.

Soon the PPS divided into various factions, and after a brief turf war, split into various sub-societies. As the societies fought for control of the bowling alley on the third week of April, the Peculiar People Society was met with its final blow, of becoming headline news in the Peculiar People Newspaper.

Growing too common was the end of peculiarity.


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