Hot Drinks

Ralph looked at his drink.

It was a hot drink, a nice steaming cup of coffee. It was too hot to drink, though, having only recently been boiling water and coffee grounds. The coffee dispersal was quick, though, and the caffeine shot was ready.

Ralph, though, had a sensitive mouth. He didn’t want to burn his tongue, but he needed his caffeine shot to face the morning.

He considered adding ice to the drink. He had already added milk, but it still wasn’t cool enough. Ice would probably water it down too much, he thought. He had tried it before, with poor results.

With no other options, then, Ralph reached for a straw. It was a plastic straw, reusable, and able to withstand some heat. He plunked it in the drink, and started sipping.

The coffee was wonderful. Still quite warm, but by the time it reached his lips, it wasn’t so hot that it burned. It was heaven, and Ralph smiled as he sucked, happy.


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