Buffet Meal

Bart waddled forward on his favourite day of the year.

The buffet was laid out so nicely. Bart saw chicken and beef, carrots and beans and potatoes – so many potatoes – and sauces and gravies and pickles and even that horrendous tofu crap made to look like a delightful meal all in itself.

Bart chuckled to himself, his belly shaking the proverbial bowl of jelly. So much food. So much time.

As the staff watched him, knowing he was a profit loser, they knew that he would bring in others. If this man loved their buffet, the people outside reasoned, they would as well.

And so Bart filled his plate, bit of food dripping over the sides, and waddled to the window. He sat, he ate, and people passing by stopped, watching the scene, and deciding to enter themselves for a buffet meal.

And Bart stood for seconds.

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