Kiera set her scissors down and started unfolding.

The holey triangle became a holey half-moon, and finally opened up to a lovely circle wit ha few holes in it. Kiera frowned.

“No good,” she said.

Instead of trying to fix it, she crumpled the paper up and threw it in the garbage. She then took a new sheet and folded it diagonally. She cut off the bottom to make a square, then re-folded to make a much smaller square. She cut a round edge on it, then started snipping the bits out. A small triangle here, a square there, a zigzag over here. She took a hobby knife and cut a star in the middle of her little triangle.

When the paper was filled with holes – more space, really, than paper – she set her scissors down and unfolded it. A beautiful snowflake revealed itself.

Kiera squinted at the snowflake, take in all its details, its perfections and imperfections, its grace and its awkwardness.

“No good,” she said, crumpling it up and throwing it to the recycling. She took another sheet to try again.


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