Eggnog Season

Eggnog was Odette’s greatest joy.

Many people she knew didn’t like it, said it was too sugary, too eggy, too rummy. But Odette loved all of that about it and more.

She wasn’t a fan of real eggnog. The homemade stuff made from actual eggs, the stuff that was thick and potentially murderous. She liked the store-bought cartons, all fake product and sweetness and joyful holiday weight-gain.

Odette drank her eggnog every morning and every evening, and stock-piled as much as she could. She froze it, knowing this would reduce its delightful flavour, but it would still be wonderful and divine and everything she loved through the coming winter months.

As Odette finished her first carton – drinking straight from the carton itself – she smiled, wiped her mouth, and opened the second one.


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