Rachel leaned forward and pressed the doorbell. The four standing on the doorstep heard the bell chime inside, and waited patiently. Emily hummed a note as they heard footsteps approach.

The door opened to a large, bald man with a beer gut, holding a beer. “What?” he said.

The four on the doorstep started singing, “Good King Wenceslas.” They reached the end of the first verse, and the man set his beer down to applaud.

“Very nice,” he said.

“If you’d like, sir, we can continue caroling.”

“Wait, you’re caroling? Which one of you is Carol?”

The four exchanged looks of confusion. Rachel turned back and said, “Umm, none of us, sir. We’re just singing Christmas carols.”

“But none of you are named Carol?”

“No sir.”

“Hmph.” He grabbed his beer and closed the door on their faces.

“Okay then,” Rachel said. Next house? And I’ll pretend to be Carol?”

“After three door slams, I think so,” Emily said.

The four shuffled down the steps and started for the next house.


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