Office Morale

Jean walked into work, and everything stopped.

The people all sitting at their desks, typing and toiling away, looked up and stared. The manager came out of his office, and his jaw dropped.

“Jean, what are you doing?” the manager said.

“Just coming in to work, boss,” Jean said. He smiled, raised a hand to scratch his nose, and looked around. “Anything the matter?”

“You, uh…you have a plunger on your head, Jean.”

“Huh? Oh, this ol’ thing?” Jean said, reaching up to the wooden handle and twanging it. “It’s just a good bit of fun, boss! Helps keep things light, we’ve had a tough few weeks.”

“Yeah, but it’s not very professional, Jean. I’m going to have to ask you to remove it while you’re here.”

Jean sighed, then reached up. With an audible shluck, the plunger came off his head, leaving a red ring around his baldness.

“Thanks Jean. Happy working,” the manager said, and walked away.

The office returned to what it was doing, and Jean sat at his desk, a little defeated.


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