Sweet Drink

Sheri lifted her glass, holding it in front of her. “Cheers,” she said. “To our continued love, and the sweetness it brings.”

Eva held her glass up and clinked it with Sheri’s. The brought their glasses to their lips and sipped. Sheri smiled. Eva smacked her lips and looked down at the amber liquid in the glass.

“Hey, uh, Sher?” Eva said

“You like it?” Sheri said.

“Umm, it’s tasty, yeah. But, uh, is this just…like, just maple syrup?”

“It is! Delicious, right?”

“I mean, yes, it’s good. But it’s, kind of, I dunno, sweet. Too sweet, I mean. This is basically liquid sugar.”

“Exactly! Like you, you’re my little sugar drink!”

“Yeah, but I don’t think I can finish this. I mean, my family has a history of diabetes…”

“But you don’t have it, it’ll be fine!”

“Yeah, but – ”

“Just drink, it’ll be fine! Don’t ruin this, sweetie.”

Eva sighed and brought the glass to her lips. She looked at it for a moment, then shrugged and smiled across the table. She sipped, then set it down.

“Bon appetite,” Sheri said, lifting her fork.

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