Secret Santa

“Hey, what’s this?” Elmer said, looking down at the watch in a box.

“What do you mean?” said Jeremy. “It’s your secret Santa gift!”

“Okay, not a secret, Jeremy, I know it’s from you.”

“How did you know?” Jeremy laughed, and their other friends, all seated in a circle, laughed with him.

“Because I gave this to you last year as a regular gift!”

“Really? No way.”

“Yes way! I gave this watch to you as a token of fifteen years of friendship! You said you loved it, it was so touching, and you would wear it every day!”

“I did wear it every day! Now I’m giving it back to you, in the same token. We can, uh, hand it back and forth every year, sharing it like we share our friendship.”

“It’s never been worn, Jer. It still has the tag on it.”

“C’mon, man, I didn’t know. I set it aside, and it got lost in the shuffle, and you know it’s been a tough year, and I just…”

“Yeah, sure, whatever,” Elmer said. He stood, holding the watch in his hand. “I’m out of here, enjoy your damn Christmas.

“Wait, Elmer,” Jeremy said as Elmer walked away. He stayed where he was, and a moment later everyone heard the door slam.

“So, uhh, next up?” Jeremy said. Rosy stood and took a gift from the tree with her name on it.


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