Baby Steps

Vanessa lifted her right arm, aimed the bow, and pulled.

A creaking E burst forth from the string, jarring Vanessa’s ears. Too flat, at least compared to what she had expected.

Taking out her tuner, she set it on the stand in front of her, raised her violin again, and played the E. Yup, way too flat. She twisted the peg, bringing the E up and up and too far, now it was sharp. She relaxed the string a little, then used the fine tuners to get it perfect.

Of course, tuning the E meant she had to check the other strings, so we went through G, D, and A as well. Once they were correct, she rechecked the E, did some minute adjustments, and was ready to go.

Vanessa lifted the bow, drew it along the string, and let the beautiful E ring out. Perfect. She put her index finger down for F, and once again her ear was assaulted.

Sighing, Vanessa turned the tuner back on and tried the F, adjusting to find the right position before adding vibrato to cover the imprecision.

I knew, she thought to herself, that I shouldn’t have put this down for so long. Three years was three years too many to not practice. Time to get back to daily playing.

Once she had the F where she wanted, she moved to G, ignoring the F# in between. Baby steps, she thought to herself. Baby steps.


4 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. I absolutely adore this! I just recently started playing my flute after ten years of silence. It’s a weird mix of familiarity and bad notes, for sure!

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