Dean stared at his computer screen, typing away.

He had to get to the end of this level…just one more boss to defeat. He hit, he hit again, he dodged, he took a blow, he hit five more times…and he won. He saved, then closed the game.

Checking the top corner, Dean saw that his computer was about to die. Good thing, he thought, that I finished when I did.

He closed the lid and plugged the power cord in. He stood, stretched, and looked out the window. It was dark outside, the neighbours visible past the back yard clearly in bed. He checked the time – 2 am.

Dean smiled at himself. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, walked to the bathroom, and gave his teeth a quick brushing. He went back to bed, pushed the computer to the side, and lay down on the pillow. He slipped his pants off, and that was enough. He clicked off the light and closed his eyes, asleep a moment later, ready to recharge.


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