The pressure was building in Ha’s ear, and she didn’t like it.

It had been building for a few days now. All her friends and coworkers said to go to the doctor, but that involved calling, and waiting, and probably a lot of money for a prescription. She waited.

Now, though, though pain was too much, and she picked up the phone.

“Hi, do you have any appointments for today?” Ha asked.

“Sorry, not today. The next available one is…let’s see, three weeks from Thursday.”

“Oh. Umm, it’s kind of high priority, I’ve had this ear thing for a while now and it’s getting quite bad.”

“Okay, let’s see…we can fit you in at 2pm.”

“That’s in, like, ten minutes.”

“Yes, you’ll need to hurry.”

“Okay, I’ll try to get there.

Ha hung up, grabbed her coat, and started running.

She reached the doctor’s office five minutes after her appointment. The receptionist scowled, but took her information. Ha sat, waiting and waiting and waiting, until the nurse ushered her in. The doctor arrived twenty minutes later, took a quick glance in her ear, and gave her a prescription for antibiotics.

“Finish the course, don’t stop halfway through, even if you feel better,” the doctor said in a bored voice.

Ha nodded and hurried out, thanking the doctor, and later the receptionist. She put the prescription in her pocket, and decided to wait to see if the pain got any worse.


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