Manna From Heaven

The raccoon stared at this newest gift from the gods. It was light, fluffy, blue and pink and swirly and oh, dear God above, was it delicious.

After years of garbage can raiding and tricky-lock opening, that this paper tube surrounded by manna was left to him was amazing. He did not know what he had done to deserve it, but he said a quick prayer to the Mighty Raccoon above and started to nibble on the strands of sugar.

Then he remembered. The smell, the flavour, and made him forget, but now he remembered what his mother taught him. Wash everything. The dirty humans only left dirty crap out. Wash, wash, wash. Or risk death.

So the raccoon took his newfound treat to a happy little puddle to clean it up. He pushed the blue and pink down into the water, getting it ready to eat.

It faded away into nothing, disappearing. The raccoon stared at her previous delight, now gone. He was shocked.

Mighty Raccoon, he thought. You giveth, and you taketh away. I apologize for not staying humble.

With that, the raccoon carried on, searching for another trash bin to raid.


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