Firey Dinner

Farah stood in front of the pot of water. It sat, unmoving, the element below red, heating.

She looked at the instructions on the hot dog package again. “Immerse in boiling water 3 minutes. Enjoy!” Easy enough, Farah thought.

She looked up from the package to see the water was on fire.

“AH!” Farah yelled. She turned off the element, then put the lid of the pot on top of it.

The flames inside quickly died away, but Farah left the top on it, waiting for it to cool, trying to be sure it was okay. She stepped away from the stove, then looked back down at the package.

“Microwave: Place in microwavable bowl filled with water. Microwave on high, covered, 2 minutes.” Farah nodded, pulled a bowl out, and filled it with water. She put the hot dogs in, put a plate on top, and put it in the microwave. It started to turn, then caught on fire.

“Jesus!” Farrah yelled. She stopped the microwave and waited for the flames to stop. She opened the door when they were gone and pulled the bowl out. She set it in the sink.

Taking another bowl from the cupboard, Farah filled it with cereal, got some milk from the fridge, and abandoned her hot dogs. She sighed as she ate her cereal for dinner, continually watching it to make sure it wouldn’t burst into flames.

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