A Quiet Death

Alisa stared at the black screen in front of her, her mouth wide open.

A moment ago, it had been full of images, text, documents; a whole history, years of work. Everything she had done. A life, in electronic pulses.

Now it was blank.

The computer was plugged in, fully charged. It was a year old – just over a year, and so just past the expiry date – but it should still work, in theory. Unless they had gotten better at their planned obsolescence.

Alisa sighed, and wondered how she would get everything to a new computer. She had backed everything up the day before, so that was fine. She had the number to call in her phone, though knew the answer would be some version of “Tough titty.” She was annoyed she would have to, once again, set up the desktop, copy over all the files, and everything else involved.

But, with another sigh, she stood. She packed the computer away, and started the walk home from the library, ready for a fight she knew she would lose.


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