Waking Up

Selma stood up, and almost fell back down.

Her leg was numb. Only for a moment, she knew. It was about to start. Almost…ready for it…

And then it began.

The warmth spread along her thigh, her calf, and down to her ankle. But it was accompanied by a twinge, or a strange kind of stiffness, she couldn’t quite tell. She knew she couldn’t do anything, though. She had to balance herself on one leg, and just wait.

She started to tip to the side, and tried to keep her balance. Finally, she set her foot down, just enough to keep things even. It was enough.

The achy twinging shot through her foot, up her ankle, all the way to her shin. She gasped, then bit her lip, trying to ignore it. It wouldn’t be ignored.

Selma suffered through the odd, half-stiff sensation as the feeling came back to her foot. Finally, she could set it on the ground, and began to limp her way to the bathroom.


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