Cheater vs Cheater

Jaime played her cards close to her chest.

It wasn’t that she was particularly worried about cheaters at the table. She knew they were there, and that they had pre-emptively cheated their way to the top. But she could beat them, with a bit of luck, a bit of poise, and just a little cheating in return. As long as she did it without getting caught.

So she kept her cards close, and at the appropriate time, slipped a new one in, a useless one out.

“Three of a kind,” Jaime said, laying her cards down.

“What?!” Don replied, standing up. “How! That’s impossible!”

Jaime smiled. “It shouldn’t be, if you’ve properly shuffled the cards.”

Don’s face reddened, and he stomped and flustered, unable to say anything. Finally, he threw his cards on the table. “Fine, take your damn winnings,” he said. “New round! Anyone caught cheating will lose a hand.”

“Then I’ll be watching you closely,” Jaime said.

Don’s face got redder as he sat, shuffling with all the rage one can shuffle with. He lost three cards to the floor, and glowered as Jaime watched him pick them up again.


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