In Preparation

Dominique knew that it was time.

He had put it off for many weeks. Months, even. But now, with the holidays just a month or so away, and the suggestion that his family would be here soon, he knew what he had to do.

And so Dominique opened the fridge, and began cleaning.

First to go was the bag of liquid salad. It had been solid, once upon a time. No longer. Into the compost went the liquid, into the sink went the bag for washing.

The yogurt was next. Still half-full, though half of that was blue mold. Into the bin.

Bread so stale it qualified as a vinyl. An avocado that looked more like a shrunken head. And an opened carton of milk that was going to remain unopened, as it no longer sloshed. All into the garbage.

Finally, Dominique took a rag and began scrubbing. All the crusting came off eventually, though it took a fair amount of cleaning liquid, and a fair amount more elbow grease.

When the fridge was clean and bare, Dominique nodded, then started a list of everything to buy at the grocery store the next day.

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