Wiper Blade

Lani pulled over to the side of the road. Cars whizzed past in a non-stop blur, and the rivulets running down the windshield made her wonder how anyone could see.

When there was finally a break, she opened the door and stepped out. The rain, of course, chose that moment to come down harder, and Lani pulled her hood up to protect her head. Not that it would do much good, she knew, but still, one had to try.

She moved around to the front of the car and leaned over. She lifted the windshield wiper, removed the leaves and maple keys stuck inside. She rubbed her fingers along the edge of the blade, trying, hoping to clear it. The inability to see had made her anxious, and though everyone else seemed fine with it, she liked knowing what was coming.

Finished what she could, the wiper blade as clean as it could be without replacing it entirely, Lani turned. Cars were flying past again, and she waited for a break to get in the car. When it came, she ran.

Turning on the engine, the wipers started once more. The windshield was a little cleaner. Not much I can do now, she thought.

Lani pulled out onto the road during the next break, and drove on.


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