Dorothy held her saxophone in front of her, ready.

The conductor lifted his baton, brought it down, and the band started. He immediately waved his hands, his facing showing anger.

“Saxophones! In with the rest of us, please!”

Dorothy blanched. She had been with everyone, but the music said to rest. She looked at it again, then looked up.

The conductor sighed. “From B, please, everyone?” He looked at her pointedly.

She looked at the music again, and sure enough, it said to rest. She checked the instrument – baritone saxophone. She looked back up just as the conductor was dropping his hand.

He waved for quiet again. “Saxophones, where the hell are you?”

“You said B, right?” Dorothy said.


“We have rests.”

“The hell you do.”

“At B, it says to rest.”

The conductor looked closely at his score, then scowled. “C please, everyone.”

Dorothy just had time to find the C and bring the saxophone to her lips before the downbeat came, and the noise started.

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