Feeling Bugged

Palmira took her sandwich from the fridge. She opened the container, lifted it, and immediately dropped it again.

“Ahh!” she shouted.

“What’s up?” Ara asked.

“Bugs!” Palmira threw the lid on top and pressed down, making sure nothing escaped.

“What?! Where?”

“In my sandwich! Ew! Gross!”

“Oh God, in your sandwich!”

“Yes! How did that happen?”

“I don’t know!

The door opened, and Duncan popped his head in. “Hey ladies. Anyone feeling…bugged?”

“DUNCAN?!” Palmira yelled. “Did you put bugs in my sandwich?”

“Haha! It’s great, so funny!”

“Fuck you, you ruined my sandwich!”

“It’s just a prank, Palmira, here’s a replacement,” he tossed one from the door and quickly left. They could hear him laughing in the hall.

Palmira threw both sandwiches in the garbage and stormed out, heading for her manager’s office.


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