A Tasty Candy

Austin grabbed the candy and threw it in his mouth.

He was not prepared for the sourness of the candy. When he saw it sitting in the little bowl, he assumed it would be a nice, sweet, tasty candy that one could munch on, throw in the mouth and delight in for a minute or two, and carry on with the day.

Instead he puckered as the candy exploded on his tongue, a firecracker thrown in a barrel of gasoline. His saliva glands worked overtime, and he was soon drooling, swallowing as quickly as he could, but it wasn’t enough.

Austin grabbed a paper towel and held it up to his mouth as the candy’s sour coating eroded away. Still, the taste was in his mouth, and it wouldn’t go away.

“Hey Austin,” Freida said.

Austin smiled and waved, and Freida continued on. The sourness finally reached a tolerable level, but Austin’s mouth watered for the next hour.


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