Over the Edge

“You ready, Rosie?”

Rosalind took a deep breath and said, “Yup! Seal it up and push me in!” The lid was placed over her head, and in the black she heard the hammers.

From outside, she heard a muffled, “Going over!” before the barrel was tipped on its side. She started rolling, and tried not to get too dizzy. A moment later everything went tipsy, and then she was bobbing in the water, being swept forward.

I didn’t really want to be upside down for this, she thought. Gotta hire better people next time. If there is a next time.

The barrel hit a rock, bouncing off it with a thud. Rosalind could feel the blood rushing to her head, and tried to ignore the growing fear in her stomach. She put her hands to the edges, pushing a little to try to relieve her own tension, but water started to seep in. She stopped pushing, and just tried to breath and enjoy the ride.

The barrel was speeding up, hurtling toward the edge, she knew. How much longer? she thought to herself, and then she was airborne.

She knew she was plunging, wasn’t sure how long it would take or when she should brace herself. She at least felt herself righting, head up now, and then it was down, and then it was up again.

Rosalind hit the pool below, hard, thankfully feet first, though it still hurt like hell. She didn’t dare try to move anything, worried it might be broken, or make things worse. She knew she was underwater, rising up again slowly, hoped she would make it out of the vortex in the centre and be safe.

She felt herself bobbing to the surface again. She breathed a sigh of relief, could hear shouts and hoots outside. She had made it, safely. Now to wait for the boat to pick her up.


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