“Hey Margaret, what’s up?”

“No-No-Not much,” Margaret said, wincing as she did.

“Still stuttering, huh?” said Kenna.

“Yeah, j-j-j-j-just a bit. You kn-kn-know.”

“Yeah, totally. Hey, isn’t it the worst that the word for it is stuttering? It’s like, cruel or something.”

“Kind of ono-ono-on-on-o-on-no-mat-a-peiac.”

“Uh, yeah, I guess so. But it’s kinda funny, right?” Kenna smacked Margaret’s arm lightly.


“Why do you use such big words?”

“I don’t kn-know. I guess to m-m-make up for my stutter.”

“Huh. Silly. Anyway, catch you later!”


Kenna left, and Margaret finally breathed out in relief.


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