Checking Up

Brenna stood before the mirror. She turned her face to one side, then the other.

The mirror was unclear. Brenna couldn’t tell if it was just steamy in the room, or the mirror itself was fogged up, or if maybe her entire world was slowly dissolving into a kind of non-world, but it was difficult to see her cheek, her chin, with any kind of clarity. She leaned in closer, and closer, and closer still, until she was almost pressed against the mirror.

She was relieved to see her chin was bare. No stubble, no little hairs. Everything was as it should be.

As Brenna turned her head, she noticed one little blonde hair on her upper lip. She grabbed the tweezers, gripped, and pulled. The hair came out, and she continued her survey.

When she reached the other cheek, she found everything clear. Nothing there, her skin as smooth as a glass doorstop from a kitschy tourist shop.

Nodding to her reflection, Brenna turned away, ready to dress for the day.

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