Pull One Over

Peter sat in his seat, looked around, then unzipped his bag. In front of him, the screen showed an obvious question about some current celebrity. He ignored it, instead groping for the chill of his soda.

He found it just as an usher walked in. Peter tried to feign indifference, pulling his hand out of the bag and zipping it up. The usher, a girl of about 17 years with dark brown skin and blonde hair, looked around. She saw nothing of interest, and left.

Peter smiled, reopened the bag, and reached back in. He pulled out the soda and placed it in the cup holder. On the screen, an advertisement began. Peter watched it without watching it. Another ad came on, then another. Finally, a screen came on requesting phones be silenced, and that coming attractions were about to begin.

Peter leaned forward again and fetched a chocolate bar from his bag. He looked around as the theatre darkened. He closed the bag and sat back, waiting.

The previews ended. A screen came up announcing: Feature Presentation.

The movie started with an explosion, and Peter used that to open his can. The usher appeared at the stairs, and Peter tried to look inconspicuous. She didn’t notice him, and left a moment later. Another explosion, and Peter opened the chocolate bar.

He enjoyed his food and drink through the movie, sated, happy to pull another one over on them.


3 thoughts on “Pull One Over

  1. I once snuck in an entire food tray from a burger joint because they were slow getting my food out and I didn’t want to be late for the film. It was the best theater meal I’ve ever had, ha!

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