Children’s Day

Lyle folded his arms and said, “I’ve had enough of this crap.”

“What’s that Lyle?” Keith said.

“Children. Everywhere. Being children. And now they have a day?”

“What do you mean, man?”

“It’s Children’s Day. Or International Children’s Day. Or something Children’s Day. All I know is, it’s Children’s Day, and they get enough free stuff and discounts that they don’t need their own day.”

“Everybody’s got a day, man. There’s probably even a Lyle Day. If not, I’m sure you could make it. Every day is a something day.”

“So every day is just another day. What crap.”

“Well, aren’t you in a good mood. Tell you what, we’ll name today Lyle Day, too. So you can tell all the kids to suck it.”

“Woah, that’s not a good thing to say. Plus, what about all the little Lyles out there? They get twice the day? No way, man. Screw them. Let’s make a Not Children’s Day, that’ll be better.

“Whatever you like, Lyle.”

“Damn straight.”

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