Trina grabbed a hat and threw it on her head.

Rather, she tried to throw it in her head. The hat rose, it twisted to the side, it’s shape causing odd resistance in the air. The hat began its decent, and as Trina tried to maneuver herself under it, it took another shift and landed on the ground beside her.

“Humph,” Trina said.

Rather than bend down to retrieve it, she decided to leave it where it lay. She reached over, grabbed another, and threw it in the air.

This hat had a different brim, circling fully around the edge. But the brim was oddly bent, and the overall effect was one of altering the path of flight. Again, Trina tried to get under it. Again, it side-stepped her efforts, to land with a quiet thud on the ground.

Time and again Trina tried to catch a hat on her head. Each time, it failed.

When her hats were exhausted, the table empty, she started to collect the droppings, replacing them on the table. She then reached for the first one and threw it up once more.


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