Homemade Cookie

Roger looked down at his plate. He frowned.

Two cookies lay before him. They looked alike – beige, with dark brown chunks in them – but were utterly, entirely different. He had tasted both. Now was decision time.

One cookie was hard and crunchy. Before biting in, he had known that it would be so. You could feel it in the texture of the cookie. It felt dry, stale perhaps, or just baked too long.

The second cookie was moist, chewy, drooping if you lifted it incautiously. It was sweet and delicious, and everything he could want in a cookie. Everything anyone could want. Fatty and sugary, and filled with the supreme cookie-ness.

“Number 2.”

“Number 2? Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“Okay, sir, you say number 1 is the store cookie and number 2 is the homemade? It’s actually the reverse! Number 2 is our store-made cookie, number 1 is a homemade one. Can I interest you in buying our delicious Prince’s Choice cookies now?”

“No. Because if you have someone making homemade cookies like that one, I don’t want to know what they’ve put in your store-made cookies. I’ll make my own, thanks.” Roger turned and walked away, glad for the snack, though not for the sales pitch.


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