Wait Until It’s Cool

Paula reached into the oven and pulled out the pie. She set it on the counter, steam coming off of it and filling the room with the smell of strawberries and sugar.

“Mmm,” Nora said. “Smells delicious.”

“I just have to add the cream, then we can dig in!” Paula replied.

“Now? Shouldn’t you wait until it’s cool first?”

“Why wait? I’ll burn my mouth for the sake of that sweet sweet pie!” Paula grinned, grabbing the cream she had whipped earlier.

“Okay, but I don’t know that the cream will hold together…”

“Nonsense, Nora, I’m the pro here. Trust me.”

“Sure thing, Paula,” Nora said, knowing what was about to happen.

Paula took the bowl and started spooning the whipped cream onto the pie. It immediately started to revert to its liquid form, pooling on the strawberries as the heat burst all the tiny bubbles.

“What?! No!” Paula cried, as the liquid spread. “What’s going on?”

“I told you, the cream doesn’t hold together.”

“No! The pie is ruined!” Paula threw the pie into the sink and started the tap. She ran to the bathroom while Nora sat there, amazed. Nora heard sobbing a moment later. She walked over and turned off the water, then lifted the pie out of the sink. It’s still salvageable, she thought. Paula, she was less certain of.


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