Small Town Superhero

Dierdre was a superhero, at least in her own mind.

A binge of comic book-themed movies, from X-Men to Mugamoodi, had her thinking it was possible. Maybe she had developed super powers. Maybe she was just highly capable. Maybe she could buy a bunch of stuff to make her more capable. It didn’t matter. She was a superhero, and she went out to help the common people.

As she surveyed her city – in this case, the village of Middle Musquodoboit – Dierdre used her super-hearing to listen for people in distress. She thought she heard the cries of a damsel, but it was actually just a cat meowing a few doors down.

But then, disaster! Dierdre saw it happening with her supervision and lept to action. She threw her cape around her shoulder and ran across the road – after checking both ways, of course – to help the old woman coming out of the Pharmasave. Dierdre arrived just in time to take the woman’s arm, lifted the bag from her frail hand, and escorted the woman to, “The little red buick over there please.”

They reached the car, and Dierdre placed the groceries in the back seat. She helped the old woman into the vehicle, then waved, striking a heroic pose, and the lady drove off with a smile.

Dierdre surveyed her city once more, and extended her hearing in search of the next catastrophe.

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