Danny glanced up from the board, grinned at Shayne, then began his move.

He lifted the red piece – his final one – and started to leap diagonally across the board. His victims were removed, one by one, by Shayne. With each round piece taken, Danny grinned, his victory in sight.

When he finished, Shayne had two pieces left, and Danny one king.

Shayne moved one of his two forward. Danny began the chase.

One move at a time Shayne neared the edge. He was kinged, and Danny frowned. He decided to hold back, let his opponent come to him.

But Shayne left his king where it was, and moved his second piece forward. Danny was already too late, and within a few moves, Shayne had two kings to Danny’s one. There was nothing for it.

Danny was soon cornered. It was his move, and he could go nowhere that wouldn’t result in a loss.

“Draw?” Danny said, looking up.

Shayne folded his arms and shook his head.

Danny sighed, moved forward, and subsequently lost the game. He shook Shayne’s hand and walked away, leaving the clean-up to his friend.


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