Rise, My Pretty

Mia stood, raised her hand, and said, “Rise, my pretty!”

The elephant looked at her sidelong, annoyance clear in its gaze.

“Please? Please rise?” Mia said, when the elephant stayed lying down.

With a great eye roll, the elephant pushed itself up, rising first to its front legs, then finally all fours. It gave her a look of, “And now what?”

“Thank you sweetie,” Mia said. “Now, if you could let me on top?”

The elephant trumpeted in annoyance, and stamped a, “No.”

“Oh, why not?”

The elephant just looked at her, knowing that she knew the answer to this question, and refusing to help her get there.

Mia sighed and looked around. She saw a tree, then looked to the elephant.

With another great eye roll, the elephant walked over to the tree while Mia climbed. She reached a branch high enough, then made her way carefully along it, until she could slide onto the elephant’s back.

“Excellent. Now, onward, my pretty!” Mia shouted, pointing forward.

The elephant started a slow plod forward.


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