Josh stood in fear.

There was nothing before him but the grim mystery of darkness. The out-of-doors on a moonless night, the woods stretching around, hiding all manner of monster. He saw the path – a greater darkness in the dark – guiding him to the bathroom, but he wasn’t brave enough to enter. There could be wolves, bears, or worse. All the movies and television he had watched with great evils in the dark spun through his mind as he looked into the void, and the void looked back.

“Josh, honey, are you okay?” came his mothers voice.

“Yeah,” Josh’s voice trembled.

The tent zipper was heard, and a flashlight played on the ground. “Here, sweetie, you take Mr. Bear with you. And turn your flashlight on.”

“Okay,” Josh said, grabbing the little brown bear from his mother’s hand.

With Mr. Bear in arm, he set forth. There was still danger, and alone he would have been vulnerable, but together they could vanquish anything.


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