Sunny Days

Bennett looked out at the grim sunshine, beating the land and the oceans and the people into submission. The heat was awful, the light piercing. It was a day for staying indoors.

Bennett took a deep breath in, then let it out slowly. It’ll be fine, he thought. Better out than in, as Mom used to say. He pushed the door open, and waited.

The heat blasted his face. Compared to the cool, air conditioned indoors, the day outside was a sauna, a horrendous sweltering death of a day. Snakes were in paradise while bears were in hell. Fish worried about the entire ocean evaporating. The religious zealots preached end of days.

Bennett walked over to the tree, its leaves drooping. He sought solace in the shade, hunkering down against the trunk. It wasn’t as awful under the tree as in the full sun; in fact, it was positively pleasant.

Relaxing in, Bennett opened his book, leaned his back against the tree, and smiled. His body was adjusting to the heat, he was comfortable, and he had a nice iced coffee beside him. He started reading, easing in to the afternoon.


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