Observation Deck

Dodie stood on the observation deck, trying to observe the city around.

It was difficult to do, this observing, given all the wires and netting and other anti-suicide equipment in place. Every few years there seemed to be a rash of jumpers, and even with the protective equipment the determined still made it around. Indeed, there were security guards currently posted all around the deck while the building’s owners tried to figure out a new method of jump-prevention.

All this was out of Dodie’s mind, though. The latest rash was the only one she remembered, and only the third she had been alive for. She stood with arms over the rail, looking down at the people below, tiny and ant-like, not really visible. Cars were like microbes moving around the streets. The rush of the distance to the pavement made her stomach twist and turn like a snake.

“Excuse me miss?”

Dodie turned to see one of the security guards standing there, a young man not much older than she. “Yes?” she said.

“I’m going to have to ask you to step back from the railing please, miss.”

“Oh, I’m just looking. I don’t want to jump or anything.”

“I know, but we need to ask everyone not to stand quite so close. It’s not my decision, just what the bosses ask.”

“Oh, but how will I really get a good look then?”

“In a few months we should have a new plexiglass barrier to keep everyone safe, so you can come back then and look over all you like.”

Dodie sighed. “Alright, sorry to cause trouble for you.”

“Oh, no trouble. Just our job, miss. Thank you.”

Dodie smiled at the guard and stepped back. She looked over to see another person being asked to step back, and started walking the loop of the deck, looking for somewhere without a guard posted.


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