For the Green

Rex’s eyes were focused forward, his hands gripping the wheel tightly. Around him, men and women in various states of sanity were displaying their state for all to see, weaving in and around and into others. Rex’s grip tightened a little more.

He checked his rearview mirror – the same van that had been tailgating him for the past twenty minutes was still there, despite there being lanes on either side to pass. Maybe he had a turn off soon, but knew it was against the law to pass on the right, Rex thought. Or maybe he’s just an asshole.

Rex looked forward again, then glanced left and right, checking the side mirrors. A small sports car came flying up the right side, passing Rex. Maybe the van felt safe behind him. Following so closely he could never stop. It takes all kinds. Hopefully the cops get the sports car, at least.

Looking forward, Rex saw a large jam of cars. He started slowing down, just so the van would have time to notice and slow as well. They all came to a near stand-still, as cars tried to merge over to the exit. Rex rolled his eyes as a red Ford just ahead pulled into the next lane over. Rex moved forward and passed the red Ford, whose blinker was now on to return to the lane.

He made it past the jam, and the roads opened, a bit clearer now, though still full of insanity. Ahead, he saw the countryside. Behind, he saw towers. He took a deep breath, tightened his grip on the wheel a little more, and headed for the green.


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