A Buxom Man

Wally, a tall, gracious man, often described himself as “buxom”.

It was not that Wally didn’t understand the word. He just didn’t respect it. He didn’t think it needed the place it had in the English language, or rather, didn’t think it needed to be used solely for those it was.

And so Wally decided to reclaim it for himself.

When meeting someone for a date – arranged through online means – Wally said, “look for the buxom fellow in a bright red shirt” (since he always wore the same shirt to a first date, thinking, quite rightly, that it flattered his figure).

When applying to new jobs, his cover letter and resume both made mention of his buxom nature. In most cases, this was not needed information, nor was it successful in securing him the job, but he felt it important anyway.

And when Facebook posts asked you to describe yourself in one word, he always wrote “buxom”. Indeed, under the “religion” section of any social media, he either typed in “buxom”, or chose “other”, completing it with the same. He would have put the adjective elsewhere, but didn’t know quite where it would fit.

Wally was a buxom man, and happy to call himself such. He was less keen on others so describing him.


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