Black Emptiness

Ophelia stared into the great abyss that was her planner.

Nothing stared back.

It would have been fine if the monthly calendar had something, anything on it. A haircut, a doctor’s appointment. A reminder to do something important. Instead, the calendar was blank. Just a series of boxes with nothing other than numbers, the phases of the moon, a civic holiday. Nothing added by her hand, or anyone else’s.

She picked up her phone, ready to send a message to her entire contact list asking if they wanted to hang out. She knew it would go out, she would get a half-dozen replies about being too busy this week, but next should be great, and they would text her then, but they wouldn’t. She set her phone down again.

Ophelia looked at the planner once more, and considered just writing something in for herself anyway. It didn’t need to be anything special, just one little thing for her to do. But no, that would be cheating. She would know, every time she saw it, that it was meaningless, just an attempt to gloss over the void in her life. It would, if anything, be sadder, the need to actually write in some cheat for herself.

Taking a deep breath, Ophelia picked up her phone and opened a new message.

“Sis. Problem: planner is a void. A black emptiness. Please help.”

A moment later, her sister’s reply came in. “Sis! 1) That’s racist. 2) How’s your Thursday? Dinner?”

She smiled. “Sis! Yes. You buying?”

“Obvi, you unemployed loafer. Still sending out apps?”

“Of course. Hope to hear from someone, sometime…”

“:( We can chat all about it Thursday 6:30, yeah?”

“Yay! Thanks Sis!”

“Anytime! Maybe we make it a weekly thing?”

“You’re the freaking best”

“I know :)”

Ophelia laughed, then grabbed her pen. She wrote in the dinner, smiling all the while.

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